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MAOF (2018)

Ramiro Chaves

MAOF has been operating since mid-2014 and houses a log collection center, a sawmill, a wood shop, a wood workshop, a chicken coop, a nursery, an artists' workshop, an exhibition space and a living space for resident artists. MAOF has participated in several reconstruction projects and other initiatives through the critical use of materials (wood, logs, tools, etc.) from different contexts. MAOF was founded by Diego de la Cruz Gaitán, who co-directed it with Gabriel Maldonado Andreu and Mario Gracia Otero, and they have worked with a wide range of collaborators. Artist Ramiro Chaves developed a long-term experimental documentary process that concluded in the editing and publication of the collaborative book MAOF in 2018.

Edition of 300

20.3 x 28 cm

Risographic print

Cover in silkscreen

112 pages / Color



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