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RRD is located at Gral. Pedro Antonio de Los Santos 80, San Miguel Chapultepec II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11850 Mexico City, CDMX

RRD [Reproduction and Distribution Network]

RRD is an independent project, an effort of five artists from Mexico City (Anuar Portugal, Joel Castro, Sergio Torres, Laura Muciño and Bruno Ruiz). RRD is a platform for the production and distribution of printed and audiovisual content. This project is supported by a production studio and a magazine stand located in Mexico City. The RRD booth serves as a public meeting place, where artists, independent publishers and pedestrians exchange and present multidisciplinary site-specific projects.
We propose alternative modes of information dissemination and encourage the distribution of counter-information. We have dedicated ourselves to building a network between artists and non-artists in the context of Mexico City. Since opening in 2016, our activities have included collaborations to produce books, publications, magazines, videos, installations and kiosk presentations.






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