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Interventions 21 (2021-2022)

Cycle of interventions and collaborations

The RRD booth serves as a public meeting place, where artists, independent editors and pedestrians exchange and present site-specific, multidisciplinary projects. We are dedicated to building a network between artists and non-artists in the context of Mexico City.

The newsstand has served as a Temporarily Autonomous Zone or culturally and topographically open space. Since opening in 2016, our activities have included collaborations to produce books, publications, magazines, videos, multimedia projects, installations and on-stand presentations.

Part of DRR's discourse and lines of research come from pirate culture to promote ingenious appropriation strategies. Piracy allows us to probe norms and limits to question the logic that defines intellectual property laws, expand the uses and perceptions of authorized production, and allow new forms of use of technology that surpass corporate control.

This call had the purpose of continuing to expand the perspectives and concepts addressed until now by RRD.

Between 2021 and 2022 the program showed the work of: Relojito, Javier Jaimes, Kobayashi Books Press, Julieta R. Montiel, Alberto Orozco Ahumada, Activistas Epistolares Colectiva (A.E.C.), Vegan Caníbal, Víctor Alt + Ceniza Fotozines, Isabel Echeverri & David Gutiérrez, Giovanna Enríquez & Iván Edeza, Emiliano Bautista, Dulce Chacón, Haydeé Rovirosa

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