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No Todos Los Payasos Lloran Igual (2019)

Tiny Splendor & RRD

In many parts of the world, clowns are the least popular, studied or understood.

Humor is an important object of study within popular creation, since it is the source of cultural expressions such as rituals, festivities, myths or carnivals.

Clowns are part of these expressions, since they have been present in history since the Middle Ages in carnivals, in the sixteenth century entertaining the kings, later being a main character in circuses, until today we see them doing street acts.

For all these reasons we dedicate this compilation of drawings to all the clowns and clowns; the artists condemned to smile, and to walk between the most ironic tragedy and the hypocrisy of reality.

Thanks to all those who sent us their drawings for this fanzine.

Edition of 150

13.4 x 17.2 cm

Risographic printing

48 pages / Color

January 2019


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