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¡El Móndrigo!: Bitácora Del Consejo Nacional De Huelga (2018)

David Escobar Parra y Adriana M. Pineda

From the encounter of the 4th edition of the book ¡el móndrigo! Bitácora del Consejo Nacional de Huelga, published in Mexico by Editorial Alba Roja in 1969, the project of editing, publishing and distributing its 5th edition arose; in an attempt to think about and unveil the forms of control used by power up to the present.

The original book, in its prologue, is presented as the diary of one of the leaders of the Student Movement of 1968; however, upon reading it, it is evident a rigged rhetoric and a series of contradictions regarding information that, contrasted with other literature about the socio-political context of 1968, does not match.

With a quick search of references, it is easy to confirm that El Móndrigo! is one of the books written by several hands from government offices, a novel prepared with the files of the Federal Security Directorate (DFS); a literary device of the official narrative whose objective is to create and direct public opinion, to justify and legitimize, as well as to influence the social consent of its practices.

The construction of a story, the book as a device and the form of distribution used by the government at the time, when the book appeared at the university, in libraries, bookstores and car windshields, are strategies that are replicated in this 5th edition.

See El móndrigo! (Collaboration)

Edition of 1000

Half letter

Offset printing

184 pages / B&W

March 2018


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