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El Móndrigo! And the Sad Stories of Non-Fiction (2018)

David Escobar Parra y Adriana M. Pineda

With a quick reference search, it is easy to confirm that "¡El Móndrigo!" is a book written by several hands based on government offices by using files from the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) in order to produce a twisted novel. This book, like others, reveals one of the many political representations and discredit tactics used by the elite class. Thus literary devices of official narrative are meticulously designed to mislead mainstream audiences and influence social consent. With the goal of altering and controlling public opinion while attempting to justify and legitimize their repressive practices, they construct an imaginary to maintain social control.

This project attempts to unveil and think about the means of control used by power through history. The creation of -in this case- a book and its implementation as political dispositive and the means of distribution used by the government merely a year after the 1968's student massacre in Mexico: suddenly appearing at universities, libraries, bookshops and left on car windscreens and civilian's mailboxes. These strategies are then replicated by the artists for this 5th edition of ¡El Móndrigo!. Presenting a way of symbolically redeeming the struggle of the student movement and reclaiming the symbols and spaces won in the war of ideas and words.

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