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Pacific Pirate (2018-2021)

RRD + Writing FACTory

Taking pirate culture as a production strategy, which came into existence out of necessity rather than convenience. Pacific Pirate, is a collaboration with WritingFACTory (Taiwan) and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei) focused on the creation of networks of production, circulation and consumption of films and videos as art objects. Since 2018, open calls, exhibitions and screenings have been organized in Mexico and Taiwan whose purpose is to disseminate the work of independent artists and the general public.

In the age of YouTube and peer-to-peer networked file sharing, is the limited circulation model popularized during the second half of the 20th century applicable to everyone?

Taking the pirate of the past as a reference and piracy in the present as an object of analysis, this project aims to study the concept of ownership.

Although customs and traditions are very different between Taiwan and Mexico, the colonial experience and "problematic neighbors" make us more similar than we imagine. The chaotic histories and realities also require artists to deliberate on the context and methods they adopt. about the context and methods they adopt in their practices. Under the premise of "alternative mapping mapping" we can finally promote and share the means of production we need.

The project has pirated various forms of knowledge production: Pacific Pirate#1 took the form of an exhibition, which includes the open call project "Re-DBT" and the database "#PiratePirateManifesto". Pacific Pirate#2: TAZ, an online residency program.

Re-DBT: At the end of 2018, Pacific Pirate disseminated a call for video without restrictions of nationality, duration, genre, theme and most important of all: original or not. Thanks to this, more than one hundred videos were received from Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia and Brazil. After designing the artwork for each disc and burning them in DVD format, these videos were distributed at the RRD kiosk in Mexico City and at the RRD pirated kiosk in KdMoFA. Visitors to the exhibition could purchase copies of each DVD.

#PiratePirateManifesto: Outreach program on piracy as a tool for cultural dissemination. It aims to generate in visitors a critical awareness of the concepts of ownership and originality throughout history. A collection of testimonies, books, films, documents, manifestos and videos exploring different anti-copyright practices was gathered. Attendees can freely consult and copy these materials.

Pacific Pirate #2: Temporary Autonomous Zone: a research-based residency program based on three key words: sounding, writing and performing. In this stage, three artists from each country were invited. Taking up the idea of a Temporary Autonomous Zone, where Hakim Bey proposes the idea of "TAZ" as a space-time that can exist not only in the information space but also in the real world in a nomadic way.

More information:

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