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Manimas (2019)

Ramiro Chaves

MANIMAS is an artistic collective formed by siblings María, Daniel, Bernardo and Eduardo Bravo Ascencio together with artist Ramiro Chaves. The collective was formed in 2015 giving continuity to a pedagogical experience in relation to art, childhood and critical studies on disability. María, Bernardo and Eduardo are deaf. Daniel and Ramiro are hearing.

The main activity of the group is to make art and parallel to their production they carry out other recreational, educational, sports and social activities. Occasionally they collaborate with other artists and institutions. They have held public exhibitions of their work and have two editorial publications.

Their main working media are drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video. The works of MANIMAS function as documents of learning and unlearning processes and as relational tools for the coexistence of differences.

Edition of 120

21.7 x 25.5 cm

Risographic printing

Cover in silkscreen printing

100 pages / Color



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