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COPYCAT (2019-2022)

Mimeograph workshop

Is an editorial and social project which takes direct inspiration from international cultures of content piracy. This project concretely revolves around the (re)production, copying and distribution of pirated publications including books, magazines, DVDs, and more as a way of encouraging our audience to evaluate their perspective on the value of cultural products. The aim is to experiment with social dynamics and production methodologies in the field of art and independent publishing.

The riso and the mimeograph, all belong to the same technological family of duplication by means of stencil. Part of this exploration is based on the technological kinship between riso and mimeograph, and on a journey backwards in the technological genealogy.

The mimeograph is a portable printing studio that offers maximum mobility and autonomy in the form of a suitcase. The mimeograph was the ideal mean of production for small organizations such as schools, offices and, most notably, political organizations. This device conserves an enormous capacity for conditions of absolute precariousness and free mobility.

Dividing the process on stages of production contributes to the participatory nature of this printing process: from its basic operation to organization of the copies, etc. In summary: the mimeograph is a forgotten tool often considered obsolete worth recovering and it favors experimentation and revival of collective effort.

Copycat has been presented at:

45º Salón Nacional de Artistas, 2019. Bogotá Colombia

School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT, 2019. Bangkok, Thailand

Bodega Comfama, 2022. Medellín, Colombia

Wendy’s Subway, 2022. New York, E.E. U.U.

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