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F.S.V. (2017)

Roger Muñoz

Frente para la supremacía vegetal F.S.V.

(Front for Vegetable Supremacy)

First assembly of F.V.S. in Mexico based in the RRD kiosk. The project consists on the creation of a fake political party; the F.V.S. or Front for Vegetable Supremacy, whose purpose is the extermination of the human race, to establish a new vegetable race. The project focuses on contemporary issues such as ideological fanaticism, political militancy and the human-nature relationship, emphasizing the misery of human existence. On this occasion, its first assembly was held in collaboration with RRD, in order to recruit new militants to the party and disseminate their “Plan for Self-Elimination of the Human Race”.

See F.S.V. (Poster)

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