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Marañas' Valley (2022)

Manuella Cano Brouté

Maraña: a set of tangled threads or hairs; people and places that are difficult to transit.

This body of work is a coming and going between elements that add up to a violent whole; the hair, the rash, the weeds and other innocuous agents that remain silent, in the most hidden places.

The tangle also refers to the images that appear in feverish dreams or after traumatic experiences. It is that which we are unable to symbolize but which remains in the unconscious and is inscribed in the body as a form of repulsion and astonishment. It is what remains when the power of the word disappears to give way to the terrifying sensation of what was always there, ignored, waiting to come out.

Femininity exalts the violent character of the tangle, when it is filled with knots, discontinuous textures and sharp extremities, the classic sense of the feminine that proposes docile, silent and continuous ways of representing the body, is dislocated and shown as a forest of violent and feverish tangles.

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