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Mañana no hay clases (2021)

RRD, Natalia Millán & Vicente Razo

Tomorrow no classes consists of turning the sign on the wall of the Carrillo Gil Museum into a giant blackboard and writing on it with chalk the legend "tomorrow no classes"; this gesture, simple in its realization, produces a series of re/significations that we are interested in exploring and eventually using: emancipation, orphanhood, negligence, pedagogy of freedom or teaching of abandonment?

The blackboard in the museum symbolizes and underlines the pedagogical and educational character of this institution, but at the same time it is an operation that circulates dual -and contradictorily- between being a participatory, open and generous gesture or being a display of authority and hierarchy, a scolding, or a punishment. With this action we want to emphasize the contradiction between the almost maternal idealization of teaching (the museum), against what could also be the domestication of the spectator.

In a discreet but effective way, making a blackboard of a part of the museum enunciates: participate, learn, take notes, take notes, and at the same time establishes the tensions, the risks, and the possibilities for the public to take the word of this potential of the museum and its place in the public space, to come forward and draw their own statements.

R.R.D. - Natalia Millán - Vicente Razo


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