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F.S.V. (2017)

Roger Muñoz

Front for vegetable supremacy F.S.V.

First assembly of the F.S.V. in Mexico with headquarters in the DRR.

The project consists of the creation of a political party F.S.V. (front for plant supremacy) whose purpose is the extermination of the human race, in order to establish a new plant race. The project focuses on contemporary issues such as ideological fanaticism, political militancy and the relationship between human beings and nature, emphasizing the misery of human existence.

On this occasion, its first assembly was held in Mexico in collaboration with colleagues of the RRD, in order to add new militants to the party and to disseminate the first plan for the self-elimination of the human race.

See F.S.V. (Colaboration)

Edition of 200

Poster 56 x 87 cm

Offset printing


December 2017

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