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TDL (2018-2022)

Taller De Letras

T*D*L (Taller de Letras) is an initiative developed and linked to DRR that seeks to associate different processes related to typography such as graffiti, signs, graphics, and editorial design.

The workshop has two archives, one digital and one physical, both composed of advertisements and visual references collected mainly in the streets of Mexico City.

One of the objectives of the workshop is to become familiar with and recognize the elements or codes that are generated in street advertisements, which are always present in our daily lives.

Likewise, the workshop aims to be a link between sign makers, designers, graffiti artists and all those interested in typography to develop spaces for dialogue and debate regarding the use of lettering.

The work proposal consists of walks through the city, markets, workshops, in order to analyze and recognize the different letters and typographies of the environment, as well as to produce a hybrid and personal typography from the visual experiences obtained.

In addition, an archive of signs and advertisements will be generated in order to analyze and understand typographic processes in Mexico.

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