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This is life: Graphic Design from Mexico (2023)

Palm Springs Art Museum


  • @erreerrede

Vicente Guerrero Union Contract
Official contract that certifies the purchase of the magazine stand. As well as the incorporation to the "Vicente Guerrero Saldaña" A.C. Magazine, Book and Backordered Publications Sellers Union in the CDMX.

Vicente Guerrero Saldaña Union Credentials
Official credentials that accredit us as active members of the Unión de Vendedores de Vendedores de Revistas Libros y Publicaciones Atrasadas "Vicente Guerrero Saldaña" A.C. Each member of RRD joined the union of vendors of back issues in order to operate as a street vendor.

Monograph of Vicente Guerrero Saldaña
Monographic document that recounts the life and work of the hero Vicente Guerrero Saldaña. From his childhood, exploits, to his capture and execution by firing squad.

Vicente Guerrero Saldaña pirate painting
The portrait of Vicente Guerrero is the pirate version that RRD uses as its logo. This imaginary version of the hero of independence as a pirate arises from the idea of maintaining the concepts of copying, reproduction and free distribution with which RRD works.

Bust of Vicente Guerrero Saldaña pirate
Miniature monument representing our independence hero and his fight against distribution and piracy.

The street belongs to those who work it! Neo-liberal city and informal labor
This publication is one of the first editorial projects of RRD, which analyzes the complexities of the so-called "informal" or non-wage labor, as a form of subsistence and the role of the informal economy.

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