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Rebusk2 (2020)

Carrillo Gil Art Museum

Rebusk2 proposes a series of interventions to the fence that surrounds the Carrillo Gil Art Museum. This fence constitutes, in the first instance, the border between the museum and the public space. The first of them consists of a “word soup”, prepared over a period of three weeks in collaboration with master sign makers, friends and passers-by.


Rebusk2 takes up the postulates of concrete and visual poetry: it is not read successively; It has no beginning, center or end. This initiative attempts to sublimate authorship and avoids imposing a single message. We propose an exercise of free reading and association that invites the pedestrian to be an active participant in the interpretation and conception of a work of art. María José Cruz, Wirunwan Victoria Pitaktong, Isabel Sonderéguer, Martín Hernández, Ricardo Pohlenz, Anuar Portugal, Jorge Cano Febles, Mauricio Marcin and Rodrigo Álvarez.


Rebusk2 is a writing exercise and a giant pastime that consists of finding the solution to the enigma, finding the hidden meaning of a phrase in the alphabet soup, only through intuition. To solve Rebusk2, you must use your imagination and the ability to deduce.

Find all the words!

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