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Profoundly Yours: La Dama Profunda (2018)

Débora Castillo

Profoundly Yours: La Dama Profunda, an in situ performative reading based on the fotonovela of the same name performed by Débora Castillo.

Over the course of 15 years Déborah Castillo has developed this ongoing project comprising four photonovels in which fiction, reality and Latin American kitsch blend in an inverted

autobiography in which the artist embodies the fiercest stereotypes of Latin American culture. The project has expanded into video, merchandising and, most recently, a series of happenings.

Bordes profundos is the most recent installment of this series, in which our protagonist arrives in the city of Tijuana to pursue her goal of gaining more and more power. Latin American melodrama becomes the weapon to disarm the imposed roles and take control of her destiny.

Bordes profundos was presented in Mexico with unhappening at the Zona Maco arte contemporáneo fair in February 2022 and this month at the Material fair.

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