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COPYCAT (2019-Actualmente)

Taller de Mimeógrafo

Copycat, a DRR project based on pirate culture, which has managed to devise ingenious strategies for sharing, distributing and appropriating content such as pirated publications, including books, magazines, DVDs and more. The purpose is to encourage the audience to change their perspective on cultural products, which belong in the public domain. We invite collaborators to generate a peer-to-peer network that offers the possibility of an infrastructure for production.


The riso and the mimeograph all belong to the same technological family of stencil duplication. Part of this exploration is based on the technological kinship between the riso and the mimeograph, and a journey backwards in the technological genealogy.

The mimeograph is a portable print studio that offers maximum mobility and autonomy in the form of a suitcase. The mimeograph was the ideal production medium for small organizations such as schools, offices and especially political organizations.


This device retains an enormous capacity for conditions of absolute precariousness and free mobility. The division of the process into production stages contributes to the participatory character of this printing process: from its basic operation to the organization of the copies, etc.


In short: the mimeograph is a forgotten and often considered obsolete tool that is worth recovering and favors experimentation and the reactivation of collective effort.

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